What is Design by Dani's? Dani's is short for Big Dani and Lil Dani. Yes there are two of us! Design by Dani's is a shared blog by two girls with the same first and middle names, Danielle Marie, and we both answer to Dani for short. As you can imagine it was confusing and sometimes obnoxious for both of us so our family started calling us by "Big" Dani and "Lil" Dani. Even though we are 6 years apart we have been like sisters since Lil was born. If we didn't have the same names we would tell people we're sisters. We are almost TOO much alike! We share the same hobbies, interests, style, personality, and even our height (or lack there of)! We love to do all types of arts and crafts, scrapbooking, DIY projects, painting, designing, and anything that we can think of. Btw we even worked together! Recently Lil Dani moved away for college so we are not able to see each other as much.   We dream of owning our own eclectic creation shoppe (once Lil Dani is out of college of course).  So this blog is designed for us to keep up with our designs together even though we are far apart and to show our creations, inspiration, favorite projects, how-to, events, and anything else to anyone with the same interests!

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